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New Opportunities Club

On November 15, 2012, a meeting of a club for people with disabilities was held for the first time in the premises of the Fimiam Church.

"New opportunities" - this is the name of the club, which meets once every two months.

Every day God gives us thousands of new opportunities! The opportunity to change, the opportunity to start over, the opportunity to express yourself or discover new talents.

The goals of the club: to find new opportunities together, to discover and develop them in ourselves, to look for new interesting acquaintances, as well as to form a close relationship with God, which is the meaning of our life.

Each meeting of the club is lovingly prepared by a team of dedicated ministers and volunteers, trying to make it festive and special. Memories of interesting games, songs, treats, scenes and reflections on current topics remain in the hearts of everyone who attends these meetings (usually up to 50 people with disabilities).

“This is a good time to spiritually support people, not just in the summer, when we spend time in the camp. It is very good that we can take care of more people with disabilities during the year, ”said Sergei Bolchuk, who is responsible for serving people with disabilities at Fimiam Church.

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