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Creativity Studio

In 2007, the Creativity studio began its work, the purpose of which is to develop the talents and abilities of people with disabilities, as well as to teach them spiritual truths.

Creativity Studio regularly conducts:


  • Master classes for 30 people with disabilities to make souvenirs (about 30 volunteers are involved in each such lesson);

  • Support groups for mothers of children with disabilities (Bible studies are provided during meetings, social and psychological assistance is provided to mothers who take care of their children on a daily basis);

  • Social, spiritual and spiritual support groups are provided for children, adolescents and young people in Bible study groups. Children learn to be helpful, respond to the needs of others and participate in each other's lives by congratulating them on their birthdays, special dates and achievements.

The creativity workshop is open daily. They make souvenirs, women's jewelry and handmade soap. Volunteers of the studio are engaged in professional design and decoration of ceremonial events to be able to finance projects of master classes of the studio "Creativity" for people with disabilities. They also actively participate in fairs, promoting products created by people with disabilities.

The dream of the studio volunteers: thanks to the sale of products made by people with disabilities, to go to self-financing master classes and provide jobs for talented people with disabilities.

Студія Творчість