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People with disabilities are often left alone with their disability and the problems associated with it. They become isolated from society, resulting in various psychological problems: fear, failure of hope, feelings of helplessness, apathy, depression. Since 2005, they have been holding meetings for people with disabilities, where people can communicate, get to know each other, hear the Word of God.

Festive meetings are also held for children with disabilities.

      We integrate people with disabilities into home churches, where they feel part of the body of Christ, participate in discussions of current topics, and make new friends. They also learn to communicate in order to be leaders and teach others in the future.

We regularly study the Word of God, where they have the opportunity to know God more deeply. For some people with disabilities, it is difficult to move to classes or services, so we conduct individual training with them.

If possible, we solve household problems - provide hygiene and humanitarian clothing, install electric lifts.