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In the rehabilitation complex "Agape" we provide accommodation of a supportive type to people with disabilities who are undergoing physical rehabilitation, social adaptation or for certain reasons need temporary accommodation.

A team of qualified volunteers for the care of people with disabilities will always provide understanding in all household and physiological needs.

Our goal is to organize support for people with disabilities, which allows a person to feel free, to do what he can do on his own without outside help, and in what is difficult for him, to receive support. When a person during rehabilitation gets the opportunity to perform specific skills, then, accordingly, the support changes.


We understand that our complex will not be able to accept people for permanent residence, but only temporarily, for a few months to undergo rehabilitation. Therefore, we have a dream, and a desire and vision to build houses for permanent residence, so that people can live on the territory of the rehabilitation complex "Agape", have communication among people with disabilities, learn, develop.