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Our History

In 2001, a young family of Sergei and Natalia Bolchuk from Lutsk was involved in a car accident, as a result of which Natalia broke her neck and remained paralyzed. A year and a half of wandering around hospitals and sanatoriums showed the family how hard life is for people with disabilities in Ukraine.
The Lord moved their hearts to help such people. They approached the Fimiam Church with a proposal to start serving people with disabilities, and the church supported it.
It would seem that the tragedy destroyed all plans for the future. However, it was she who gave impetus to the beginning of work with people with disabilities in Volyn. At first - only support through meetings and communication. Next - holding camps for people with disabilities and families raising children with disabilities, the work of the rehabilitation office.
In 2016, the public organization Agape Ukraine was founded, on the basis of which the Agape Rehabilitation Complex, which provides physical, social and spiritual rehabilitation to people with disabilities, began its activities.



The first rehabilitation complex for people with disabilities in Ukraine was opened in Volyn. The landmark event took place on June 25, 2016 in the village of Boratin, Lutsk district.

AGAPE UKRAINE is a voluntary, non-profit public organization that serves people with disabilities. The activities of the organization are based on Christian values and are carried out by a team of dedicated, dedicated people who practically care for people with disabilities and ignite other churches and organizations for this ministry.
We invite people who value our Vision, want to join the Mission, and respect our Values to cooperate.


To open new opportunities for people with disabilities and to proclaim the biblical view of disability in society.


Practically promote the physical, social and spiritual development of people with disabilities, through the activities carried out by the organization. Share experiences and resources to inspire others to serve people with disabilities.


1. Respect God in everything we do. In all our words and deeds we try to reflect the essence of God.

"... without fear to serve Him, living before Him in holiness and righteousness all the days of our lives!" (Luke 1:74, 75)

2. Appreciate the life of each person. Regardless of gender, age and state of health, all people are free and equal in their dignity and rights. We value and respect the talents of everyone, including people with disabilities.

“I praise You because I am wonderfully arranged. Your works are wonderful, and my soul is fully aware of it. " (Psalm 138: 14)

3. Build relationships based on trust and respect. Volunteers and employees of the organization demonstrate patience, meekness, kindness, self-control and unity in the volunteer work they perform.

"No one has ever seen God, but if we love each other, then God Himself lives in us, and His love is perfect in us."

(1 John 4:12)

4. Provide assistance competently and responsibly. We care about the quality of activities and grow in qualifications to provide quality services.

“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for the people. For you know that your reward will be an inheritance from the Lord, because you are serving Christ. ” (Colossians 3:23, 24)

The goals of the public organization "Agape Ukraine" are aimed at the physical, social and spiritual development of people with disabilities and are embodied in the following units (activities):

• Agape Rehabilitation Complex.
• Transportation (delivery) of people with disabilities.
• Creativity Studio, Joy Studio.
• New Opportunities Christian Club.
• Summer camps for children and adults with disabilities.
• Communication: home churches, training, general meetings, visits, help, rest.
• Warehouse and workshop for repair of wheelchairs, installation of elevators.
• Exchange of theoretical and practical information about the ministry.


Sergey and Natalia Bolchuki

Responsible for Agape Ukraine

Anna Leschuk

Executive Director

Svetlana Guseva

Responsible for rehabilitation

Kerry Moss

Roman Antonyuk


Yuri Kutas

Senior Patient Care Officer

RK "Agape"

Sergey Lakey

Responsible for transport and storage

on repair of means of rehabilitation

Larisa Novatskaya

Responsible for the studio "Creativity"

and meetings for children

Max and Zoryana Vasiltsov

Responsible for the Christian club

"New Opportunities"

Galina Tsymbal

The press is the secretary

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