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Opening of the Agape rehabilitation complex.

Dreams come true ...

The first rehabilitation complex in Ukraine for people with disabilities "Agape" was opened in Volyn. The landmark event took place on June 25, 2016 in the village of Boratin, Lutsk district.

Many guests, both from Ukraine and from abroad, were invited to the opening of the complex. These include, in particular, mission workers and even entire families from Belgium, Norway, France, the United States of America and Canada who are not indifferent to the problems of people with disabilities. Representatives of the authorities and local self-government also visited the holiday - Lutsk district administration chairman Igor Yarmolsky, Volyn regional council deputy and deputy chairman of the Igor Palitsa Only Together Foundation Irina Konstankevich, first deputy mayor Taras Yakovlev, Boratynsky and many other village chairmen.

The celebrations began with the cutting of the ribbon and a general photo to remember for future generations. As the summer heat reigned on the street, the festive program continued in the building of the new rehabilitation complex for people with disabilities "Agape".

In the friendly and touching atmosphere that prevailed during the holiday, words of congratulations and wishes flowed in a continuous stream. I wanted to say so much, to thank so many. After all, hundreds of people from all over joined the construction. Some with prayer, some with kind words, some with a significant amount of finances. Some of the disabled, like the widow who donated the last two donations to the temple, saved from retirement so that the dream of people with disabilities of proper rehabilitation would come true.

Those present could not help remembering that terrible day 15 years ago, when the head of the project for the construction of the Agape complex, Sergei Bolchuk, along with his wife Natalia and two-year-old son were involved in a terrible accident. The result - in women, spinal cord injury at the level of the cervical region.

It would seem that the tragedy destroyed all plans for the future. However, it was she who gave impetus to the beginning of work with people with disabilities in Volyn. At first - only support through meetings and communication. Next - holding one-day camps for people with disabilities and families raising sick children. Now, it should be noted, there are two weekly camps for people with disabilities, which are held every summer. And since 2007 - the office of physical rehabilitation began to operate, later it grew into the Center of active rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

As for, in fact, the rehabilitation complex "Agape", its opening will significantly expand the possibilities of providing assistance to people with disabilities. From now on, people with disabilities not only from Lutsk, but also from the entire Volyn region will be able to receive physical rehabilitation and psychological assistance here, as well as acquire independent living skills.

It is worth noting that the territory of the complex has recently increased significantly. Therefore, the plans are to build one-storey houses for the permanent residence of those people with disabilities who have lost relatives or guardians. Moreover, there is a need to build a swimming pool for people with disabilities to receive additional exercise and training.

At the same time, a training center will be set up on the basis of the rehabilitation complex, which will train physiotherapists from all over Ukraine. The main goal of such training is that young men and women, having received the relevant knowledge, gradually do better and make life easier for people with disabilities, each in their own city, district, region.

Most of the guests present at the celebration, expressing congratulations and wishes to Sergei Bolchuk, emphasized:

- The opening of the rehabilitation complex "Agape" is not the finish. This is just the beginning ...


Agape Ukraine Ministry Press Service